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Messner Publications has in my direct working experience, been extremely professional, and courteous. They have in every possible way assisted me with our church bulletin; whether it is with regards to extra pages, shipping, clip art, or the eye appeal of the bulletin itself. Not only do we work with Messner on our bulletins but we also work with them on our Welcome Packet folders, and our Ministries handbook. They are personable, friendly, and extremely pleasant to do business with. I would highly recommend anyone doing business with Messner Publications.

Dorothy Cagle, Pastoral Office Administrator

Don't allow yourself to be locked into long term contracts
Long term contracts benefit no one but the publication company. When I became pastor of a parish I found myself locked into a long term contract that was signed by the former pastor. The only way I would be able to get minor changes made to the bulletin so that it would better serve our parish needs was by promising to sign another six year contract. The previous pastor had just recently signed a six year contract that was only 18 months into the previous six year contract. That was the only way he could get two additional pages into the bulletin. Even after signing the contract he did not get what he was promised.

Caution yourself also if the contract says that they must be notified within a certain time frame or else it will be rolled over for an additional time period. This also only benefits them. It is highly unlikely that they will contact you within that time frame to tell you that the contract time is about to expire.

Remember also that when a company frequently is dropping off gifts with their name and or logo on it, that is your money that they are spending. Would it not be better for that money to be spent to serve your needs?

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, Messner Publications, I look forward to the day that I can do business with them but at the time I am one of those unfortunate souls locked into a contract that I did not sign. Remember, don't just think of the moment!

Father Nicholas J. O'Brien, Pastor-St. Anthony Catholic Church

We are very happy with the bulletins and your staff. They always take that extra step in seeing that we are pleased.

Father Chris Williamson, St. Anthony Catholic Church, GA.

What a wonderful group of people. They offer a personal touch that makes you feel part of a family. After we joined - without the stress of a contract, we were anxious for all the parishes in the Diocese to sign up with the Messners.

Kitty Alphonse, Admin. Assistant - Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church

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